Post Production
Demo Productions, with the DPS Velocity and Velocity Q Nonlinear editing systems that it has under its own consititution, gives assembly and editing service in broadcasting standarts for your projects like presentation films, documentaries, institutional presentation films, video clips, advertisement films, TV programs and news kits, etc.

Apart from hourly works, special arrangements in project basis can be done in our studios.

Along with special effect programs like Adobe After Effects and Digital Fusion, 2D and 3D animations can be put into practice in Demo Productions studios. In the audio section of Demo Producitons studios, every kind of dubbing and sound recording that you feel the need for in your projects can be taken.

In order to have price offer about this projects,




Post Production, Audio Production, Rent Equipments, Press Kit, Presentation Movie, CD Mastering, Documentary Project, Foreign Production
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Catalogue Shooting , News Shooting , Dia Reproduce , Digital Photograph
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